Doggy Geeks is the brainchild of Beth Sautins. Beth loves to help people and dogs live well together by sharing her expert knowledge and common-sense advice for understanding dog behavior and how to teach dogs new skills and help them be comfortable in the human world. 

Beth came to dog training as a mid-life career change, after adopting 2 senior coonhounds from the local shelter. After pursuing professional training help for her dogs, she caught the “training bug” and never looked back! Beth graduated with honors from The Academy for Dog Trainers, and has loved helping dogs and people live successfully together.

Beth’s favorite things are people, dogs, creativity, and technology. She loves cooking, making art, and spending time outdoors. Beth is a fan of the Oxford comma, word games, jigsaw puzzles, and every shade of purple, and she thinks being over 50 is a heckin’ good time!

Beth lives in Colorado with her spouse Andy and their 7 year old coonhound Iris.

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