Virtual Private Sessions

We'll meet over video conference to discuss your dog's behavior issues. I'll help you understand your dog's behavior, and coach you through management and training to help resolve problems and enjoy life with your dog to the fullest.

You don't need to meet a trainer in person to get help with your dog's behavior issues! 

Working from Home



Initial Consultation
60-90 minutes

We'll meet over video conference and discuss your dog's behavior and training goals and current behavior. 

We'll discuss ways to manage your dog's behavior and how to get started on training. 


Follow-Up Consultation
45-60 minutes

We'll meet over video conference to discuss your dog's progress. We'll troubleshoot training obstacles and plan the next steps for improving your dog's behavior.


Problem-Solving Session
30 minutes

We'll meet to discuss everyday training issues. I'll answer questions and help you plan your next steps.

*Service not available for fear, aggression, reactivity, or complicated behavior problems.


Training Help Via Email

Have a quick training question that needs and expert's help? 

After filling out a question form, I'll email back an answer to your training question. This is a great way to get past obstacles with your everyday training issues.