3 Things Dogs Would Share If They Could Talk

If our dogs could speak, what do you think they would say to us? Here are 3 of my ideas.

We're really good at being dogs, but no one taught us how to live with humans.

We dogs love to hang out with humans, but we don't show up at your home knowing how to fit in with your lifestyle. Even though we're known as human's best friend, we still need help learning how to interact.

And don't forget, we still like to be dogs! We need to run and sniff and chase and dig and all that good dog stuff!

We are smart learners if you know how to teach us.

We dogs are scientists! We experience our world, act on things we observe, and get feedback from the environment. We connect the dots and can learn when one thing predicts another. And we have emotions that can affect our behavior. If you understand more about how we learn, it's easier to work on living harmoniously together.

And don't believe that stuff about dominance, leadership, or magic communication stuff. Stick with the science.

You Talk a LOT but we don't speak Human.

Human language is not our specialty, and most of the time you're not talking to us, anyway. When you do talk, we often guess what it is you want. We need lots of repetition of our skills in different scenarios to be able to act reliably on your words. So be patient and give us lots of practice!

Take a moment to think how remarkable it is that humans and dogs live well together. Dogs try really hard to fit in, and we can make it easier for them by considering their point of view.

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