3 Ways to Embrace Life-Long Learning with Your Dog

Adopt a flexible & always-learning mindset to enjoy the ups & downs of life with your dog.

Just like people, dogs can benefit from being lifelong learners! Embracing a mindset of ongoing learning keeps your dog's life and your relationship from getting monotonous and helps you adapt to changes over their lifetime.

Adopt Learning as a Practice, Not an End Goal

Embracing your dog's adaptability and ability to keep learning is key to a rich life and human-canine relationship. Dog behavior is a matter of hourly or daily motivations, probabilities, and practice, not static knowledge. At any given moment, dogs are evaluating what works best for them (not us!) Respecting their ability to make these choices will help you motivate and reward your dog and help them practice living with humans.

Be Ready for Life's Changes

Just like us, dogs change throughout their lives. Dogs ' interests and needs change over time from puppyhood through adolescence and adulthood, then into mid-life and their senior years. Also, changes in living situations, family members, and daily routines affect dogs. If you keep a flexible mindset and are ready to help your dog adjust, you'll both enjoy life's ongoing adventure a bit more.

Build Smart Behavior Habits

Dogs get out of practice with things, just like us. If you don't maintain your dog's skills by practicing, they will eventually fade away. To easily maintain behavior, build habits into your everyday life. For example, stop at street corners or have your dog check in with you when off-leash. Staying engaged with our dogs regularly will remind you to keep those smart habits fresh.

Dogs can be adaptable and resilient, especially if they get a bit of help from us. Embrace the practice of learning and living the good life with your incredible and intelligent dog!

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