On Being Your Dog's Life Coach

Dog owner, dog parent, dog guardian-- none of these fully describe our relationship with our dogs. I think of my dog as my friend, my mediocre roommate, and my fellow creature. But I am the one with the bigger brain and the capability for written and spoken language. Lately, I've started to think of myself as my dog's Life Coach.

This is not a rose-colored view of dogs but comes from my understanding of dog behavior, and how they endeavor to fit into the human world as our companion animals.

Learn About Dogs

The more you understand how the science of animal learning and why dogs might behave in certain ways, the easier it will be for you to work with them and live together harmoniously.

Learn How You Influence Your Dog's Actions

Dogs are always learning, not just when we're actively teaching them. They notice patterns and connect the dots with ease. Sometimes we accidentally strengthen the very behavior we don't like, which can be confusing to both dogs and humans!

Be Compassionate

It can be so easy to forget that dogs are a different species living in our homes! They are trying very hard to fit into our lives despite not understanding our language. Lead with compassion when teaching them what they need to know.

Let Your Dog Be a Dog

Dogs like to do Dog Stuff! They may like to play with friends, chase, fetch, dig, sniff around, and play in the mud. Giving them more legal outlets to do dog stuff alleviates boredom and leads to a better relationship between dogs and people.

The more you recognize your dog's unique canine behavior, and learn how to work with your dog, the better and more fulfilling relationship you can have with your beloved companion.

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