Private sessions tailored to your needs! 

Private sessions are perfect to focus on your individual behavior needs. 

We can help with any behavior issues, including fear and anxiety, aggression, resource guarding, leash reactivity, separation issues, barking, jumping and manners with one of our private training packages!  

We will help you to understand your dog's behavior and provide common sense guides

on how to immediately manage problem behaviors to get instant relief and then design a training plan for your behavior goals.


Each session you will get one-on-one coaching and a written recap with helpful guides.

Our compassionate, science-based techniques make learning fun and effective

for the whole family and help you achieve your goals.  

Customized behavior modification & training for your dog!

Private training starts with the behavior consultation

to discuss your goals, provide you with immediate management and get you started on your tailor training plan.

To get started, choose from the Initial Behavior Consultation or our popular Private Training Starter Package that includes the Initial Behavior Consultation plus a 60-minute follow up session to ensure you are on the right training path!

Sessions held at our facility, in-home or online.

Private Training

Initial Consultation Session

Private Training



Follow-up Sessions


Initial Consultation Session

+ 1 Session Follow up

Private Training Starter Package


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